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Innovative Lighting Design by Alex Randall

Innovative and creative lighting design is at the forefront of our British culture, more and more talented designers are coming…

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Images supplied by Alex Randall

Great Gatsby Inspired Art Deco Interiors

Written in 1925, F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby is set in the roaring twenties, the decade when interior designers…

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Zoffany Lexington 'Tivoli' Wallpaper

Hello peeps…Welcome to our new Interiors Blog!

Finally we are going LIVE with our new gallery website and interiors blog.  The gallery contains some of our recent projects…

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Floor Fillers – Rugs

Most people might think rugs are to keep your feet from getting too nippy or perhaps filling a large unbroken…

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Latest from Mulberry Home

Country Weekend...Latest Mulberry Home Fabric & Wallpaper Collection Once again the design team at Mulberry Home have produced a sumptuous…

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Flying Ducks