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This spring the new Christian Lacroix Maison collection edited by Designers Guild, takes us to the heart of Al-Andalus, a land of exchange, culture, and fusion.
‘Alcazar, a linen toile printed with small geometric zelliges and Macarena, a brocade inspired bystucco and liturgy create a Sevillian palace in the mind.
Abstract Malachite is the multicolored labyrinth of its stately gardens and Wild Palms the Oriental reminiscence of its secular palm trees.
As dusk veils the gardens in evening, the beauties stroll draped in their shimmering and multicoloured Grenadine striped silks, attracting passing Butterfly Parades, luminous in the dying light.
Later, following a brief escapade to the Souk in search of a crisp silk, they mount the saddle of their Arab Spanish thoroughbred Andaluz destined for the freshness of their Patio, a lovely trompe l’oeil tiled with dazzling Azulejos. Until late in the night, melodies of flamenco guitar dance in the air, as they caress wrapped warmly in their soft and thick Manta tweed’  – Sacha Walckhoff for Maison Christian Lacroix.

Images supplied by Designers Guild

2013 seems awash with fabric and wallpaper designs depicting butterflies but non seem quite as flamboyant and vibrant as the Lacroix ‘Madame Butterfly’ design.  With an airborne parade of butterflies, from the stylised to the photographic, makes for a stunningly expressive, digitally printed, cotton design fabric with a matching wallpaper.  The subtle shadowing offers great depth and movement to the lively scene to create a bold fabric…not for you ‘subtle folk out their!

As well as Madame Butterfly, another studio favourite is the ‘Abstract Malachite’ design.  This gorgeous geometric is mimicking the natural design of malachite crystals.  Multicoloured and beautiful to behold, a statement on digitally printed cotton.  This design is also available on wallpaper and in a stunning rug…perfect to create an ecclectic mix using Christian Lacroix designs.

Image supplied by Designers Guild

If you are looking for something REALLY different, have a peek at the ‘Patio’ design on both printed cotton fabric and wallpaper.  This design leaves the observer with an impression of a wall of intrigue, with a repeating tiled background interspaced with decorative alcoves, frames and iconography.  An inspiring and beautifully detailed design sure to create the perfect feature in any room…we especially love it in bathrooms!

Image supplied by Designers Guild

This latest inspired collection by Christian Lacroix also comes complete with a range of upholstery weight fabrics.  We have the ‘Andaluz’, a cut velvet with a stunning distressed scattered organic pattern over a natural linen ground.  This is available in a range of colours, from neutral to high contrasting colours.

The ‘Arrugado Andaluz’ is simply stunning with a  relaxed feeling natural printed linen featuring a beautiful velvety antiqued provençal design in a range of wonderful summery schemes.  This has a crisp, almost shrunken feel to it but once upholstered onto your piece of furniture, it will look decadent.

Another upholstery favourite within our team is ‘Manta’.  It is a chunky big yarn weave, featuring a shadow tile design with depth, and multicoloured flecks in the shade to enliven it with colour.   This design is inspired by a Lacroix couture jacket.

Image supplied by Designers Guild

The above ‘Souk’ fabric (Shown on the sofa and on the rug) is an incredible jacquard woven design with an eastern flavour…which reminds us of a kaleidoscope.   The natural ground of the fabric alternates with matt silhouettes and complex weave of lustrous silk threads.   Available only in this rich and muted palette.

As well as an extensive range of fabrics and wallpapers, the Christian Lacroix SS’13 ‘Carnets Andalous’ collection also offers a stunning complimentary range of accessories such as cushions, rugs and even tableware enabling you to really indulge in your CL passion for colour!

Images supplied by Designers Guild

For FREE OF CHARGE sampling of any of the fabrics and/or wallpapers, please contact the Studio on 01200 446386 or via

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