Is Tim Walker the greatest modern day photographer?

Tim Walker 1

In my opinion, Tim Walker is one of the greatest modern day photographers.  Also known as The Storyteller, Tim manages to create magical images that tell a thousand words.


Tim has worked with all the leading fashion houses such as Mulberry, Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel to name but a few, creating photographic masterpieces that could never be described as ordinary.  Walker’s style is so unique that anyone taking an interest in photography can spot his work a mile off.  The fairy-tale aspect to Walker’s work is evident for all to see.  These pictures are mystical and should be impossible to create yet Tim does so in a manner that seems effortless, as though it is engrained in his psyche.  However, notice the sinister twist evident within his fairy-tale inspired images?  Does Tim Walker still see the world through a child’s eyes?  Concentrating on the mystical yet also seeing the possible monster under the bed?


What is appealing in Tim Walkers creations is his lack of portraits taken within the confines of a studio which is an offering most photographers have as their staple diet.  Studio work can be restrained and lifeless, with portrait after portrait churned out.  Walker, however, takes it to a whole different level, some might say an unconscious level as what amazing mind can conjure up these exquisite dream (or even sometimes nightmare) inspired images.


Tim Walkers latest book, ‘Story Teller’, available to buy through Amazon or Mulberry, is literally a book of treasure.  A fairy-tale inspired picture book purely for adults.  This is a book which should take pride of place in every home and I am sure you will all agree, Tim Walker is the greatest photographer who was obviously born to create with the camera.


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